Your Car Will Do the Following if the Starter Is Going Bad

In general terms, the factory starter will last about seven to 10 years. Ideal Automotive can replace your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s starter when it goes bad. We are going to list the signs that the starter is going bad below. Unfortunately, the only sign you may end up with is a dead engine. Sometimes, the starter does not give you any warning before it dies. If you notice any of the following, bring your vehicle to our shop right away to avoid getting stranded with a dead engine.

Noises Before Ignition

One thing a starter might do when it is dying is make strange noises before your vehicle’s engine fires up. You may hear whirring, humming, or clicking. If the engine starts after these noises, drive to our auto service shop in Blaine, Minnesota so we can test the starter and replace it right away. These noises are a warning that the starter is going bad.

Completely Dead Engine

If you fail to have the problem addressed immediately, you may end up with a completely dead engine that you cannot start no matter what. This is an indication that the starter has died. The starter is called the starter because it is needed to draw air and fuel into the combustion chamber so the engine will fire up and run. A dead starter means a dead engine.

Working Vehicle Lights

If you cannot get your vehicle started, the first thing you should do is check all of the lights to see if they are working. If they are, this is a sign that the battery and alternator are working. If your engine will not start because of the dead battery, the lights would not work. If the lights are working, you likely have a dead engine because of the starter.

Smoke and Burning Odors

Continuing in your efforts to start your automobile will only result in smoke and burning odors coming from the engine. This is because you have overheated the starter motor. Don’t keep trying to start your automobile if the engine is dead. Have your vehicle towed to our shop.

Oil All Over the Starter

Finally, you may end up with a dead starter before 100,000 miles if oil saturates it. This is a sign that you have a serious oil leak in your engine that is most likely coming from a cracked cylinder block or head gasket.

Call Ideal Automotive in Blaine, MN, today to set up an appointment to bring your vehicle to our shop if you suspect the starter is going bad.

Photo by Difydave from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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