Oil Changes

When it comes to car maintenance, an oil change is one of the most important yet least expensive things you can do to ensure your car runs smoothly. The oil in your car lubricates the engine and carries heat away from it, preventing overheating. As the oil circulates through your car’s engine, it lubricates thousands of components that all need to work together for a properly operating car. For the best oil change in Blaine, MN, visit Ideal Automotive today.

Oil Change Blaine, MN

If you don’t have your oil changed on a regular basis, it can wreak havoc on your car. As the oil moves through the engine it also collects dirt and other tiny pieces of debris that can accumulate over time. Dirty oil can clog your engine and cause it to overheat or seize up. You may also notice issues like engine knocking, jerking, or lagging whenever you hit the car’s accelerator.

If you skip an oil change, your engine can become too hot, run less efficiently, and cause the internal components to warp. Damaged engine components can result in some seriously costly repairs.

Essential Maintenance

Having your oil changed on a regular basis will definitely help to extend the life of your engine and your vehicle. Even if you’re not a frequent driver, you should have the oil changed since the oil can still get contaminated. Moisture and debris buildup can happen even when your car is not running. Over time, it can turn the oil into sludge which can result in serious problems like total engine failure. For most vehicle owners, the oil in your car should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

In most instances, synthetic oil will work best for today’s modern cars. Let the pros at Ideal Automotive take a closer look and determine what type of oil and filter you will need based on your car’s year, make, and model. We’ll also examine your driving habits and other conditions to determine the type of oil you need as well as how frequently you’ll need to have your oil changed. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for lots more details.

Getting regular oil changes is an excellent way to ensure you extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly as it should. To schedule a professional oil and filter change or to get other vehicle repairs and maintenance, contact the experts at Ideal Automotive located in Blaine, Minnesota today!