Cooling And Heating

Cooling And Heating in Blaine MN

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the peak of summer, your car’s cooling and heating system is essential to ensuring that you stay comfortable and that your vehicle is running correctly. If your heating or cooling system is not functioning properly, it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible. An improperly working system can result in you feeling miserable, and your vehicle could experience some damage in the process.

Cooling and Heating System Near Me

Every car has some basic components as part of its heating system. These components include the blower motor or fan, hoses, the heater core, the control valve, and the HVAC control system inside the car’s cabin. The cooling system components interact with your heating system. These components include coolant, the thermostat, the radiator, and a water pump. The cooling system also relies on the car’s heater core to operate properly.

When your engine is running, it creates a buildup of heat, and that heat needs somewhere to escape. Most of the heat your car creates is directed through the vehicle’s exhaust system. As the heat builds up, it remains in the engine and then transfers to the coolant. The controls and blower fan are operated by you, the driver, inside the cabin of the vehicle. You control how much heat or cool air comes into the cabin and the rate of speed at which the blower or fan operates.

Maintenance and Repair

It’s extremely important that you maintain your car’s internal heating and cooling system. Make sure that your coolant is consistently at full level and that there are no leaks. Ensure that the car’s thermostat is opening and closing at the correct temperature levels and that it is not sticking. Check the water pump and make sure that it is working to circulate coolant through your car’s engine, radiator, and heater core. Have the pros at Ideal Automotive perform a thorough inspection and clean out the radiator to make sure it’s totally leak-free. It’s recommended that you have your heating and cooling system regularly inspected with each oil change.

Whether big or small, having any heating or cooling problems addressed as soon as they’re discovered can prevent you from spending a lot of money for more extensive repairs later down the line. To schedule a heating and cooling system inspection or for more information, please contact the professionals at Ideal Automotive located in Blaine, Minnesota today!


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