Engine Repair

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If your car’s check engine light has come on, there’s no doubt it can cause you to have feelings of anxiety. Engine problems can range from something as simple as a missing gas cap to needing major repairs. Let the expert mechanics at Ideal Automotive take a look at your vehicle to determine what type of engine repair you might need. We are proud to provide the best engine repair in Blaine, MN.

How Your Engine Works

The engine of a vehicle works from the inside, thus the name internal combustion engine. Your engine converts gas into energy which helps propel your car and make it drive. This is a bit different for hybrid cars, which use a combination of gas and batteries. With regular maintenance like oil and filter changes and transmission fluid checks, your car’s engine should run smoothly and for a longer period of time. However, there are several reasons why you might need engine repair.

Common Engine Problems

Here are some of the most common engine-related problems that people experience:

  • Worn out spark plugs: the spark plugs in your car are what makes it move forward as it ignites compressed gas inside the engine. If they’re worn out, they make a weak spark that can cause your car to misfire.
  • A clogged radiator: if your car has dirty coolant or is filled with sediment, it can wreak havoc on your radiator, causing the engine to overheat.
  • Loss of coolant: losing coolant is the most common reason that engines overheat. High temperatures can create serious damage that may be irreparable. Always make sure your coolant is clean and your coolant system is in good condition.
  • Low or poor compression: if the fuel and air in your engine are not being properly compressed, the engine cannot function. Make sure all valves are sealed correctly and that the piston rings are in good condition. Holes in the engine cylinder can cause an air leak, which is another cause of low compression.
  • Knocking: if too much pressure and heat buildup, you may notice a pinging or knocking sounds. Over time, this can create serious problems in your engine, even a blown head gasket. Talk to us if you’re experiencing frequent engine knocking sounds.
  • Dirty oil: with regular oil changes, you can prevent oil dirt and debris buildup. If your oil is dirty, it can cause a myriad of engine problems that will most likely need serious repair. Never let dirty oil run through your engine for too long or you may have to pay out a lot of money to correct the issue.

To schedule a vehicle inspection or to get any form of engine repair in Blaine, MN, contact the professionals at Ideal Automotive today!


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