Why Does My Car Keep Overheating?

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your automobile should never overheat. Overheating is an instant sign of trouble that shouldn’t be ignored. If you keep driving with an overheating engine, you run the risk of blowing the radiator cap and causing severe engine damage, such as a cracked head gasket or engine block. Ideal Automotive can find out why your car keeps overheating. Here are common reasons.

Coolant Failure

Engine coolant does what its name suggests; it keeps the engine cool. It can also fail and cause your engine to overheat. Old and dirty coolant is ineffective in reducing the engine’s temperature. The incorrect coolant will not reduce your engine’s temperature. Low coolant levels will make your engine overheat, and if there are clogs in the coolant lines or you have a dead water pump, the coolant might not be able to circulate through the engine to cool it down.

Cooling System Debris

Dirt and debris don’t just clog the cooling system lines; it can also build up in the radiator and other portions of the cooling system. The dirt can clog the radiator vents, which are used to reduce coolant temperatures, and this will cause the car the overheat. The radiator can corrode, especially if you drive a classic car, and this will make the engine overheat. You might also have dirt in the water pump or caked on the thermostat, which will cause it to malfunction.

Speaking of the Thermostat…

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, coolant will not be released from the radiator for the water pump to circulate it through the engine. Dirt is one cause of thermostat malfunction. Another cause is age. The thermostat often needs replacing on vehicles that have 100,000 miles or more on them. The radiator fan can also malfunction and cause the engine to overheat, as can the water pump. This part also lasts about 100,000 miles, and it can leak or malfunction.

Cooling System Leaks

You’ve probably already guessed this but let’s talk about it anyway. If your coolant leaks out of the cooling system, your engine will overheat because it won’t have enough coolant in it. Coolant can leak out of a rusted radiator, the water pump, busted radiator hoses, and cooling system gaskets and seals. You might see engine coolant on your garage floor; it’s usually a bright color such as green or red. Have the leak fixed ASAP to stop your vehicle from overheating.

Call or stop by Ideal Automotive today to discuss your overheating trouble. Our experienced auto technicians in Blaine, MN, can inspect your cooling system and fix the problem.

Photo by skynesher from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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