When Will My Car Battery Die?

We can’t tell you exactly when your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s battery will die, but we can say that the battery might give you a warning before it dies completely. Bring your vehicle to Ideal Automotive right away if it is doing any of the following things. These are signs that the battery is going bad.


Okay, age isn’t something that the battery does, but it is an indication of the battery’s health. The average lifespan of a battery is between three and four years. If your battery is this old or older than this, it is on the road to dying relatively quickly.

Battery Light

Another sign that the battery is having problems is an illuminated battery light on the dashboard. The light will turn on when you first start your automobile, but it should turn off relatively quickly after that. If it stays on, there’s a problem with the battery.

Corroded Terminals

You can also inspect your battery to see if it looks as if it is on its way out. One sign that the battery needs to be replaced is corroded battery terminals. The terminals corrode when the battery starts to leak battery acid. Older batteries will do this.

Dim Headlights

You can also pay attention to how bright your headlights are at night to determine the health of your battery. If they are dimmer than normal, the battery may be struggling to provide power to the headlights. This can also be a sign of a bad alternator.

Misshapen Case

Getting back to inspecting the battery, you should also check it to see if the case is misshapen. An older battery with a misshapen case has a problem with the chemical reaction inside of it. You may notice that the case is bubbling or cracked.

Slow Starts

Your car will also be slower to start if the battery is dying. It will crank more times than it normally does before it fires up. It may also make clicking or whirring noises, but these noises are more often caused by a faulty starter.

Sulfur Odors

Finally, if you smell sulfur coming from the engine, the battery is leaking. It is easy to detect sulfur odors because they smell like rotten eggs. If you smell this around the battery, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can replace it. Your battery is leaking battery acid.

Call Ideal Automotive in Blaine, MN, today if it’s time for a battery replacement. Again, if your battery is three to four years old, it’s time.

Photo by Tjanze from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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