Top Reasons Why People Have Their Car Alarms Uninstalled

Whether you have a car alarm already or are considering buying one, it’s important to understand why people ditch them so you don’t end up in the same boat. Ideal Automotive helps our customers with accessory installation, and we’ve had our share of problems with car alarms. Let’s talk about the common problems with car alarms and things that can be done to fix or avoid them.

Sounding for No Reason

The number one complaint our customers have with car alarms is that they go off on their own. This usually doesn’t actually happen, though; there’s something that triggered the alarm. This is why so many people have the alarms uninstalled, however, even though they don’t feel comfortable without them. Things other than vehicle theft that trigger car alarms include

  • Animals jumping and walking on your vehicle
  • Ground movement from large vehicles driving by
  • Faulty or incorrect car alarm installation
  • Bad or incorrect signal from the key fob
  • Low alarm or key fob battery
  • Inclement weather, powerful wind

You can’t control any of these things. It might appear that the alarm is going off for no reason, but, for example, if a cat jumped on your vehicle, it will jump off and run away once the alarm sounds, leaving you to think nothing triggered the alarm when you go outside to shut it off. To fix this, the shock sensor can be adjusted. The alarm and key fob can also be tested to ensure they aren’t faulty.

Doesn’t Sound – No Matter What

People have their car alarms uninstalled because they don’t sound at all, and what good does that do you? You have the car alarm for a reason, but if it doesn’t go off when someone breaks into your car, you’ve just wasted a ton of money. The alarm won’t go off most commonly because it didn’t turn on properly (set) when you hit the button on the key fob.

This can be caused by the key fob itself, an electrical problem in your automobile, or an issue with the car alarm. You can test your alarm system by pressing the panic button. If the alarm turns on like it’s supposed to, it should be okay. If the panic button doesn’t turn the car alarm on, you need to have it inspected. Test your car alarm regularly to ensure it’s working.

Want a car alarm installed? Want a car alarm removed? Have another aftermarket accessory you want installed? Ideal Automotive can help. Call our Blaine, MN, shop for an appointment.

Photo by Andy Dean Photography from Canva Pro

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