Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

With as much time as we spend in our cars, it is surprising how many of us travel around on a daily basis without the essentials. There are some things that every car owner should have on hand at all times. Ideal Automotive wants to help you prepare for any situation by reminding you to stock your car today with these items.

Jumper Cables

Getting into your car only to find that your battery is dead is bad enough. Having to try and flag someone down in the hopes that they have jumper cables is even worse. Always keep a good set of jumper cables in your trunk. We also recommend that you learn how to use them before the situation arises where you need them.

Car Emergency Kit

This is a must-have for any driver. If you are ever in an accident or find yourself broken down on the side of the road, your safety is the most important thing. A well-stocked emergency kit should include a flashlight with extra batteries, first aid supplies, a reflective triangle, and a small collection of basic tools.


You would be surprised how many drivers either don’t have a jack or don’t know where it is stored. Make sure you are prepared for potential flat tires or blowouts by knowing the location of your jack and tire changing tools. While you are at it, check your spare to verify that it is in good working condition.

Windshield Repair Kit

A little ding in your windshield from a flying rock can quickly spiderweb or spread across your windshield if you don’t handle it quickly. If you have a windshield repair kit on hand it is easy to prevent spreading and save your windshield.

Napkins, Paper Towels, or Cleaning Supplies

Messes happen whether we want them to or not. Having simple cleaning supplies tucked away can save your upholstery from staining and keep your hands clean when you check the oil or need to take a peek under the hood.


Sure everything is digital these days, but you still need to have all the appropriate paperwork on hand. Store your registration and insurance information neatly in your glove compartment. We also advise keeping a notebook and pen in your car in case you are in an accident and need to take notes.

While you may only need to use these things during an emergency, Ideal Automotive wants to remind you that being overly prepared is better than not being prepared at all.


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