Stay Safe on the Road During Holiday Travel

Nothing can ruin the holidays quicker than a breakdown or accident on the way to grandmother’s house. You can avoid both by having your vehicle inspected by Ideal Automotive before you hit the road. This is step one in ensuring you stay safe on the road during your holiday travel, but there are some other things you can do to increase your safety even more. Here’s what they are.

Double-Check Your Trip and Give the Route to Someone You Trust

Hop onto the highway transportation authority’s website and make sure the route you plan to drive does not have any problems along the way. Things to look out for include road closures, road construction and any other driver warnings such as chain requirements. If there will be road closures or construction, or if there are restrictions you don’t feel like dealing with, reroute your trip onto other roads. Take into account weather reports when planning your trip, too.

Next, give your planned route to someone you trust and both of you identify check-in points. These are the points during your trip where you will pull over, take a much-needed break and call the person you trust. Should you fail to call from a check-in point after a reasonable amount of time, the person you trust can call the authorities to alert them of a potential problem. He and she will have the last time you spoke, from where and the direction in which you were headed.

Pack Essentials

Should you get stranded, you’ll need essentials until help arrives as directed by your trusted friend. Pack plenty of blankets, bottled water and healthy snacks just in case you’re stranded for hours. Also, pack some emergency supplies for your vehicle, including canned tire sealant, coolant, motor oil and emergency flares and triangles. Don’t forget the jumper cables, either, in case your battery dies.

Additional safety essentials include a way to charge your mobile phone in your vehicle, a first aid kit and a flashlight with extra batteries. If you don’t have a car cell phone charger, purchase one or an adapter to plug your phone’s USB cable into the 12-volt outlet in your car – that is, if you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have USB ports. Run emergency scenarios through your mind and what you’d need to survive them. Then, pack those needs in your vehicle.

Finally, visit Ideal Automotive to set up an appointment prior to your trip. The technicians in our Blaine, MN, shop will inspect your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for your holiday driving excursion. Happy Holidays everyone!


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