Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repairs

signs-your-vehicle-needs-brake-repairsA vehicle’s brake system has numerous warnings prior to total failure unless something unexpected occurs. Your owner’s manual will tell you how often you should have your brake system inspected, but generally, the duration should be about every 10,000 miles. Ideal Automotive recommends you have your brakes checked immediately if you notice any of the following signs. If you are in need of brake repairs, we will get you safely back on the road in no time.

Pedal or Steering Wheel Vibration

Your vehicle shouldn’t vibrate at any time while you operate it. If it does vibrate, have it checked out. If you notice the vibration in your steering wheel or brake pedal when you engage the brakes, chances are there is something going on with your brake system’s rotors. Braking should always be smooth, but when the rotors start to wear down, the brake pedal, steering wheel or both will vibrate some.

Brake Noise

You know that your brakes will squeak when they’re wet, but they shouldn’t squeak all the time nor should they squeal. If they do, you might have worn down or glazed brake pads. Squealing can also indicate glazed rotors. If your pads or shims are not insulated properly, your brakes will squeal, and they will also squeal if the rotor surface cut is wrong or nonexistent. In other words, squealing means trouble.

Grinding Noise

When your brakes grind each time you stop, your pads have worn down completely. Brake pads are made from steel backing plates covered with anti-friction material. The anti-friction material rubs against the rotors each time you apply the brakes on your car, truck or SUV. If there is no anti-friction material left, the grinding sound you hear is the steel backing plate against the cast iron rotors.

Low Pedal Resistance

Your brake pedal should always feel the same no matter how old your car gets. As long as you maintain your brake system, the pedal will give you resistance at about the same point each time you press on it. You’ve heard mechanics say they need to bleed the brake lines and this means they need to remove air from them. Air in your brake lines makes the pedal too soft. You may even need to press it to the floor.

If you notice a difference in brake pedal resistance or stopping distance, please call Ideal Automotive for a brake inspection and brake repairs. We’re located in Blaine, MN. Don’t take any chances with your brakes. This crucial system keeps you and your passengers safe on the road.


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