Pull Over Right Away If Your Brakes Are Overheating

Overheating brakes are very dangerous. We here at Ideal Automotive cannot stress this enough. There are many reasons why your brakes might overheat, which we will discuss below, and there are signs that your brakes are overheating, which we will also discuss below. The bottom line is this: If your brakes are overheating, it is crucial that you pull your vehicle over right away and allow them to cool down.

Things That Make Your Brakes Overheat

There are a few things that can make your brakes overheat. The most common reason why brakes overheat is that you have your foot on the brake pedal too much and you are engaging the brakes without realizing it. This constant friction between the brake pads and rotors can make your brakes overheat.

Your brakes may also overheat because of your driving conditions. For example, if you’re heading down a very steep hill and have no choice but to ride your brakes, they will get too hot. Your brakes may also overheat in stop and go traffic if the brake pads are worn or, again, if you have your foot on the pedal too much.

Signs Your Brakes Are Overheating

You can tell your brakes are overheating if they squeal every time you use them and you smell burning odors. For example, when the brake pads and rotors glaze, i.e., smooth out, they will squeal when they press against each other. Brake pads that are too hot smell like burning carpet. The smell has also been described as a hot, musty odor.

As the brakes continue to overheat, your brake fluid will get too hot, and this will release a burning chemical smell. Depending on whether you continue to drive your automobile, your brakes may get so hot that you will see them smoking. This is incredibly dangerous. It’s important, again, that you pull your vehicle over and stop driving it.

The Danger of Overheating Brakes

The danger of overheating brakes boils down to one thing, and that is your brakes will fail. Brakes that are too hot are unable to generate the friction that they need to stop. This is because, as briefly mentioned above, the brake pads and rotors have glazed and the brake fluid is boiling. You will not be able to stop your car with overheated brakes.

Ideal Automotive is your one-stop-service-shop in Blaine, MN, so stop by our shop or give us a call today if your brakes are getting too hot. We will inspect them, find the problem, and fix it.

Photo by Daniel Chetroni via Canva Pro

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