Is Your Car, Truck or SUV Ready for Winter?

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? Cold weather is just around the corner and it’s time to prepare your vehicles for rain, sleet and snow. Don’t let them fall by the wayside while you prepare for the holidays – it’s too dangerous when you live in an area that sees temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Yes, Blaine, MN, is the best place in the world to live, but Ideal Automotive knows it can also wreak havoc on your car, truck or SUV in the winter.

Road Conditions and Your Vehicle

As you know, roads are more dangerous when they’re wet and icy. The risk of hydroplaning and losing control of your vehicle increases exponentially the minute moisture hits the ground. In fact, the roads are at their slickest during the first 10 minutes of rainfall because grime and oil residue have not washed away completely, leaving a slick mess for your vehicle’s tires.

Have your tires inspected in the fall while the weather is still pleasant. You need full tread to grip the roads when it’s raining. You also need full tread for tire chains, which become necessary in January and February. The key to maintaining control of your vehicle on winter roads is tire tread, proper tire inflation and suspension. Have these things checked now.

Cold Weather and Your Engine

Modern automobile manufacturing can tackle just about any issue, including cold weather, but this doesn’t mean you can usher in the winter without automotive service. Fluids, such as antifreeze and motor oil, are designed to protect your vehicle’s engine when the mercury drops to frigid temperatures. If these fluids are dirty or old, or if they are low, you could damage your engine when you drive your car.

Vehicle systems, such as your heating system, are designed to keep you warm and safe while you’re in your car. Now is the season to have crucial winter systems checked to ensure they will operate effectively and efficiently all winter long. Even simple things, such as your defroster and windshield wipers, need a quick check so you don’t end up in a pickle on the side of the road in 10-degree weather.

Don’t ruin your holiday season with unexpected car trouble and repairs. You work hard for your money and it shouldn’t go to unnecessary automobile expenses. Fall preventative maintenance for your vehicle can avoid expensive breakdowns and, most importantly, keep you safe on dangerous roads. Call Ideal Automotive in Blaine, MN, today to schedule a fall vehicle inspection.

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