Excess Engine Exhaust Can Be a Very Bad Sign

If your automobile is releasing a ton of exhaust, there is a serious problem with the engine. Ideal Automotive is going to list the different colors of engine exhaust below and what those colors mean. Depending on the color of the engine exhaust, your engine may be a goner and need to be replaced. In some cases, we may also be able to rebuild the engine or repair the problem. Let’s talk about vehicle exhaust below and when you should worry.


If your engine is releasing a ton of black exhaust, there’s a fuel problem and fuel is hemorrhaging in the engine somewhere. We may be able to fix this problem, but we don’t recommend that you drive your automobile if the engine is hemorrhaging fuel. This can open you up to a very dangerous situation of the possibility of an engine fire. Avoid this by having your automobile towed to our shop so we can find the source of the fuel leak and advise whether it can be repaired.


Excessive amounts of blue exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe are, unfortunately, a sign that your engine is a goner. Chances are, you have a cracked cylinder block and oil is leaking into the cylinders. This requires extensive repair, even a partial engine rebuild. As with black exhaust, it’s important that you avoid driving your automobile if it is releasing a ton of blue exhaust when the engine is running. Forcing the engine to run will only cause additional damage.


Engine exhaust that is why is a signal that the engine is hemorrhaging coolant. Most likely, you have a cracked head gasket. A partial engine rebuild can repair this problem, but we won’t lie, repairing a cracked head gasket is expensive. Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to drive your automobile if it is releasing a ton of white exhaust when the engine is running. Because the coolant is hemorrhaging, your engine will overheat every time you turn it on.


Finally, if you cannot see your vehicle’s exhaust, everything is probably okay, especially if you take care of your automobile. For the most part, the engine exhaust is clear. You shouldn’t see exhaust smoke flowing out of your tailpipe. Rather you will see clear condensation when it is cold outside.

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Photo by hirun from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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