Constant Overheating Can Indicate the Following Problems

You know your vehicle shouldn’t overheat all the time. If it does, you may have a problem with your motor oil and its circulation. Another thing that will cause your vehicle to overheat all the time is an overheating fuel pump. Finally, if you have a cracked head gasket or exhaust manifold, this, too, will cause your vehicle to overheat all the time. The most common reason why vehicles overheat, however, is problems with the cooling system. Ideal Automotive lists those problems below.

Circulation Problems

Coolant circulation problems can be caused by clogs in the cooling system, especially in the radiator hoses. The coolant can also have circulation problems if the water pump is malfunctioning. The water pump is the cooling system part that pushes the coolant through the engine.

Coolant Problems

You may also have problems with the coolant itself. If you have the incorrect coolant in your cooling system, your vehicle will overheat all the time. If the coolant is old and dirty, or the level is too low, your vehicle will overheat all the time.

Cooling Fan Failure

A cooling fan reduces the coolant’s temperature after it is returned to the radiator. Vents also help reduce the temperature of the coolant. If the cooling fan is not working or the vents are clogged, hot coolant will circulate through your engine and overheat it.

Radiator Problems

The radiator can also become clogged with corrosion and this will make your vehicle overheat all the time. Eventually, the corrosion will eat through the bottom of the radiator and you will end up with a coolant leak and low levels of coolant.

System Leaks

Coolant can also leak out of the radiator hoses, a loose radiator cap, seals, gaskets, and the water pump. If you see coolant spots on your garage floor, it’s important to have this leak fixed right away to prevent your engine from overheating.

Thermostat Trouble

Finally, the thermostat keeps track of your engine’s temperature and releases the coolant when it needs it. If the thermostat is malfunctioning or stuck in the closed position, your engine will not get the coolant it needs and it will overheat constantly.

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