Changes in the Bite Point Signal a Problem With Your Clutch

The bite point is the place in your clutch when you shift gears. This point should be the same no matter what. If you notice that the bite point seems higher than normal, it’s time to have your clutch adjusted or replaced. Don’t worry. Ideal Automotive can work on your clutch or replace it if necessary. Aside from the shifting bite point, there are other signs that your clutch needs a little TLC.

A Soft or Spongy Feeling

The clutch pedal should also give you the same amount of resistance each time you use it. If the pedal feels soft or spongy, there’s a problem with the clutch. You don’t want the pedal to sink all the way to the floor, either, unless you press it down that far, which should never be necessary in order to shift gears.

Acceleration Hesitation

When you depress the clutch, you cut the power to the engine and transfer it to the transmission. The transmission uses this power in the drivetrain to turn the wheels. If the clutch is wearing out, this transfer of power may not occur. Consequently, your vehicle may remain in neutral and you will end up with hesitation in the acceleration when you press down on the accelerator.

Burning Odors From the Clutch

You should never smell hot odors coming from your clutch. If you do, this is a sign that the clutch is slipping. A slipping clutch is a clutch that does not stay engaged. Rather it slips into a disengaged status and, as a consequence, the transmission will begin to overheat. The smell of a burning clutch can also indicate that the internal mechanisms are wearing out.

Grinding Noises When Shifting

Another sign that your clutch is wearing out and slipping is grinding noises when you shift gears. The grinding sounds indicate that the power transfer between the engine and the transmission is not complete when you shift the gear using the gear shift. If you continue to drive your automobile in this state, you will damage the transmission.

Problems Shifting Gears

Finally, if you are having problems shifting gears, it could be your clutch. Again, you need total engagement and power transfer in order for the gears to shift smoothly through the gear cycle. If this isn’t happening, you may be unable to get the gears to shift or your vehicle into gear in the first place.

Ideal Automotive in Blaine, MN, can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a clutch inspection if you are having any of the problems listed above.

Photo by Lizalica from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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