Can Warmer Weather Damage Your Paint

The short answer to the titled question is yes, warmer weather ushers in things that can damage your paint. This doesn’t mean you need to park your car, truck, or SUV in the garage and never back it out until fall, but you can take steps to avoid spring paint damage, such as simple washes and waxes. What things cause warmer weather to damage your vehicle’s paint? Ideal Automotive suggests you watch out for the following.

Winter Residue

Winter is rough on your vehicle, especially here in Minnesota. Salt on the road may make your icy drives safer but the salt itself can damage your paint and your vehicle’s undercarriage. Salt encourages oxidation – makes your vehicle rust faster – so it’s best to give your vehicle a good bath to wash away all winter road residue once the weather warms up. It’s also wise to get an undercarriage inspection.


Pollen may seem harmless, unless you have allergies that is, but it can actually damage the paint on your car, truck, or SUV. How pollen damages the paint is simple. If your paint is already worn, the color of the pollen can stain the exterior surface of your automobile. Fine pollen particles can also scratch your paint, especially if your automobile is covered heavily with the yellow sneeze-inducing stuff.


What makes spring so beautiful are the blooming flowers and trees. The flowers release the pollen; the trees release sap, and if you’ve ever had this sticky stuff on anything, even your fingers, you know much it locks on like rubber cement. It’s best to avoid parking under trees during the spring, unless you have a car cover that you use to protect your vehicle. Otherwise, you might end up with sap on the paint.

Trees 2

What is the second threat to your car from trees in the spring? Birds. Birds are incredibly active in spring weather and many baby birds are hatched during this time. They nest in the trees and use your vehicle as a toilet. Again, if you use a car cover you can park under trees. If you don’t and still park under trees, you might find yourself with a new and unique exterior paint job courtesy of the birds and their poop.

Bugs can also be a problem in the spring, especially when they fly against your windshield. You’ll have to take care of the exterior portion of your car to prevent spring paint damage, but Ideal Automotive in Blaine, MN, would be happy to take care of the engine, brakes, and tires. 


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