A Cracked Exhaust Manifold Will Cause the Following Problems

Ideal Automotive is the best auto shop in Blaine, and we’d be happy to replace your exhaust manifold or the exhaust manifold gasket if either has cracked. This problem isn’t very common, but it can occur if the engine is running too hot. In fact, if you drive your automobile when the engine is overheating, you could also crack the head gasket and cylinder block. The following problems are signs that you have a cracked exhaust manifold or gasket in the exhaust system.

Sluggish Performance

One of the first things that you will notice is that your engine’s performance and acceleration will become sluggish. This is because exhaust gases are leaking out of the crack and filling the engine. Consequently, these gases make their way into the combustion chamber and affect combustion.

Reduced Fuel Economy

It is an unfortunate fact that any time your engine runs inefficiently, there will be a noticeable reduction in fuel economy. This is bad news with gas prices on the continual rise. It’s important that you have the manifold or gasket replaced to restore your engine’s performance and your automobile’s regular gas mileage.

Burning Engine Odors

The exhaust that leaks into the engine is extremely hot. Consequently, susceptible auto parts such as electrical wiring, plastic parts, and rubber parts can be melted by a leaking exhaust manifold or gasket. You will smell these parts melting and you will smell hot metal as your engine’s temperature rises.

Strong Exhaust Odors

When the exhaust gases fill the engine, they can be drawn into the passenger cabin via your automobile’s air conditioning system or heating system. This makes driving your vehicle dangerous because you will be inhaling the exhaust. Pull over and cut the engine if you smell exhaust.

Start-Up Engine Noises

We have a tip if you suspect that you have a cracked manifold gasket or manifold. Perk your ears up when you first start your automobile to see if you hear a tapping sound or a hissing sound. If you do, this is the exhaust escaping from the manifold or gasket.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, your engine control module will likely turn on the check engine warning because of all of the problems listed above. These problems can cause system sensors to report malfunctions to the module. The check engine warning will stay on until the leak is repaired.

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Photo by stevechatterton from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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