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Welcome to Ideal Automotive Auto Repair Blaine, MN.

We are a family-owned & operated full-service auto repair shop in Blaine, Minnesota. Your “Mechanic Near Me” in Blaine.

Some of our services:

Brake Repair | Oil Changes | Transmission Repair | Heating & Cooling | Engine Repair | Fluid Checks | Electrical Systems | Fleet Repair | Advanced Diagnostics | Suspension Repair | Accessories Installed

brake repair

Brake Repair

Brake care and maintenance are crucial to the safety of you, your passengers, and the people who share the road with you. There are several ways to figure out if your brakes need repair. Does your car shake when braking? Do your brakes not stop as sharp as they used to? Do you hear a strange squealing sound when you brake? If any of this sounds familiar, contact Ideal Automotive and we can help you!

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oil changes

Oil Changes

Did you know that oil change services are one of the least expensive, but most important things you could do to increase the life of your automobile? It’s recommended to most vehicle owners that they change their vehicle’s engine oil every 3k to 5k miles. Doing so will prevent your engine from overheating and running oil full of dirt and other debris through its system. Schedule your oil change today!

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The transmission is one of the most important systems in a vehicle. It’s important to make sure it’s in its best possible shape. Did you notice any leaks under your vehicle? Is the transmission oil black or smells burnt? Our experts have the latest diagnostic equipment to help find out what might be wrong with your transmission. Once the scan is done, we’ll go over it with you before we make repairs!

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engine repair

Engine Repair

The check engine light is a signal you’d never want to see in your dashboard. It’s one little light for an array of possible problems, big or small. How can you tell what your vehicle is trying to tell you? The professionals at Ideal Automotive can conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle to find out what the alert is trying to tell you. Click “Learn More!” to read about common engine problems.

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heating and cooling

Cooling & Heating

The cooling and heating system of your vehicle is one of the systems that many take for granted. Not only does it keep you comfortable, it also helps your vehicle run correctly! One of the ways you can keep your vehicle’s Cooling and Heating system is by making sure that the coolant is consistently filled and that there are no leaks. It’s also suggested that you have it inspected with every oil change!

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Ideal Automotive uses state-of-the-art computer diagnostic systems to help take the guesswork out of our auto repair services. Our experts are here to help save you frustration, time, and money! Computer diagnostics are extremely useful when it comes to check engine light diagnosis, hard-to-see check-ups, or preventative maintenance inspections. Schedule an appointment with Ideal Automotive today!

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It started with a dream as a teenager: I was going to own an auto shop. At first, I wanted a hot rod shop but it occurred to me that people would need to trust me with their everyday vehicles before they would trust me with their hot rods. I went to WyoTech, a prestigious auto repair tech school, and received an Associates’s Degree in Service Management and Automotive Technology. I worked as a technician and honed my craft before I pursued my dream and started Ideal Automotive. We are a small family-owned shop that I hope to pass along to my three kids in the future. We have been in business since 2010. We started in a small garage for the first six months, then moved into a shared warehouse space for a year. After sharing space with another business, I moved into our current location. We have been here since March of 2012. We have Master ASE Technicians on staff and we strive to give the best customer service possible tied with a quality repair. Call Ideal Automotive Auto Repair Blaine, MN today.


pick-up / drop-off services


We offer a pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.

free tv, coffee, water


We have a waiting room with TV, coffee, and water.

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We have free WiFi so you don’t have to use up your data.

great customer service


We strive for a second to none customer service experience.

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