Transmission Repair

transmission repair

Transmissions work to transfer energy created by the engine to the wheels. If your car is shifting hard or you hear a grinding noise, it may be time for a transmission check.

Transmission service, repairs or replacement can be costly. That’s why regular maintenance like transmission fluid flushes and service are highly recommended. Keeping your car’s transmission healthy via simple maintenance will keep your automotive investment in top condition for as long as possible.

Ideal Automotive handles a comprehensive list of transmission repair services, including:

•Diagnostic Services
•Small Vehicle to large truck transmissions
•Repair and Remanufacturing of Automatic and Standard Transmissions
•Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, and All Wheel Drive Repair
•Transfer Cases
•Electrical Diagnosis
•Clutch Service & Repair
•Flywheel Replacement
•Transmission Maintenance
•Driveshaft Service
•Transfer Cases & Differentials
•Repair, Rebuilding, and Resealing of Transmissions
•Differentials, CV Axels, and Brakes