Don’t Ignore Car Troubles

You rely on your vehicle to be there when you need it. So when your car starts to develop a problem, it can be stressful. Most people have no idea how to diagnose problems with their automobiles, which means they risk being taken advantage of by unscrupulous mechanics. Check this list to pinpoint any problems you may be having, and call Ideal Automotive to help with the repairs.

  1. Your car isn’t stopping as quickly as it should: This can be caused by brake fading. If stopping distance seems to increase, which causes longer braking distances, you may need to have your brakes looked at or replaced.
  2. Car moves right or left when brakes are applied: In this instance, your brakes may be grabbing. This is when the brakes engage suddenly whenever you apply steady pressure to your brake pedal. This can cause serious problems and should be addressed immediately.
  3. Engine cuts out: This is caused by a temporary, but complete loss of power. If your engine quits at regular intervals under heavy acceleration, consider taking it in right away as this could indicate a serious problem, but it can also be minor. A professional will determine the best course of action.
  4. You hear a popcorn sound under the hood: This is caused by mild to severe pings during detonation. If the problem gets worse while accelerating, don’t drive the car until you can bring it in for a checkup.
  5. Puddles under your vehicle: Dark puddles can either mean oil, axle grease, power steering fluid or transmission oil. If the puddles are yellow, green, pink or orange, you may be leaking coolant. And if the puddle is clear, this could just be normal condensation from your vehicle’s A/C system. If you’re unsure what that substance is, don’t just ignore it. It’s better to get it checked out than be sorry later.
  6. Odd smells coming from your car: If you smell a thick, heavy odor accompanied by smoke, you may be burning oil. And if the odor is more like burnt toast, you may have an electrical short. And if the odor is hot and metallic, you may have an antifreeze or coolant disorder. And if the smell is more akin to rotten eggs than anything, that could indicate a problem with your emissions. Any foul odor coming from your car is a bad thing and should be checked out as soon as possible.